Course Structure

  • Step 1
    You fill up the registration form with all your details like name, address, phone numbers etc and also sign the undertaking the registration fee is paid.
  • Step 2
    You are given an appointment for your first check up. You are required to bring your doctor's latest prescription for our reference for the first check up.
  • Step 3
    On the appointment day you will undergo a thorough check up which includes check up with glasses, without glasses, near vision, distant vision, pinhole vision etc.
  • Step 4
    On the basis of the check up we decide the course of exercises for you.
  • Step 5
    You will receive a kit with various charts, an eye patch, eye wash cup, acupressure thumb pad, ball etc to do the exercises at the centre as well at home you are required to bring the kit to the centre every day.
  • Step 6
    You will received an "Exercise card" which by give the exercises to be done by you.
  • Step 7
    You will be taught the Vision Yoga by the vision educators. Thereafter, you will continue to do the exercises for the remaining days. You can choose the time you come to the centre as per your fix times. It will take you about one hour for the day's course.
  • Step 8
    You will be required to attend a talk "Eye care for you" in which all the details about eye disorders, is explained. You are explained the anatomy of the eye, proper use of eyes, secret about the exercises and more. You will also be trained to check your vision at home.
  • Step 9
    A vision check up may be conducted after a week to see your progress. If required the exercises are changed depending on your progress.
  • Step 10
    On the last day the final check up is done and you will have to make new glasses with the new prescription.