Vision Yoga is a holistic method of treating eye disorders, which is a part of the Vedic tradition as given in the Chakshushopnishad-Upanishad of the eyes and Netradwayam- Ayurvedic treatment of eye disorders.

Dr. W.H.Bates a Professor in Ophthalmology at New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital rediscovered the secrets of maintaining a healthy natural vision as given in the ancient books. He researched for 38 long years on 30,000 animal
and human eyes and in the year 1886 wrote a book called "Better eyesight without glasses" which became a best seller in 1919. Through his research he concluded that "The Eye and Mind are related". In his own words he says "Quieter the mind better is the eyesight".

Dr. R. S. Agrawal an eye surgeon further studied and developed these exercises, that he practiced at a centre started by him in South India under the encouragement and guidance of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. He has also written numerous books on the extra ordinary benefits of eye exercises and their results.

Dr. H. Peppard, a follower of Dr. Bates continued the research.. He stressed on the importance of diet for better vision. Mr. Harry Benjamin who, suffered from very high myopia (-24 diopters) recovered miraculously and went on to help many people. Aldous Huxley was amazed by the depth of these exercises and even wrote a book on this method.

Dr. Mier Schneider in recent times who was declared legally blind improved his vision to such an extent that he went on to get an unrestricted drivers license in the US after the treatment.
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