Today, more than ever before there is tremendous pressure on your eyes. Your eyes were never meant for the use that you are putting them to today. The computer, internet, T.V., the dazzling lights are all fighting for your eyeball time. To add to it is the pollution. Your eyes have to bear the brunt of it all.

Eyes are invaluable, yet they are probably the most neglected of all organs. In India, a full 70% people run into some kind of eye trouble in their life. It is estimated that 90% of all individuals in US
will eventually wear glasses at some point in their lifetime. China has incorporated vision fitness program in schools, due to rising incidence of vision related problems.

According to world health bodies like WHO, AOA and OSHA, anywhere between 80% - 90% of all people that use computers for 2 hours daily suffer from CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). The number of sufferers across the world is now officially more than 40 million and this number is growing rapidly with IT entering virtually every area of our lives.

Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed a physical fitness revolution all over the world. Aerobics, weight training and yoga have proved beneficial to our health and well being. DOESN'T IT SEEM STRANGE THAT AFTER ALL THE EMPHASIS ON FITNESS, WE HAVE COMPLETELY IGNORED THE WELLBEING OF OUR EYES?

Perhaps, this is due to the out dated, long held belief that poor eyesight is an irreversible condition. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT, YOU CAN PRESERVE AS WELL AS IMPROVE YOUR EYESIGHT THROUGH "VISION YOGA".